G-Log: Self-love & Strength.

2:11 PM

Another day of gratitude! The title basically speaks for itself but I do think that self-love is more of a journey than anything else in my experience. You earn it, truly. Loving, caring and respecting yourself is something you grow to learn with daily experiences and it's not something that happens overnight or something you are born with. If you have been born with it, then you my friend, are extremely lucky!

With each passing day, I feel like I absorb something out of each experience, good or bad and use it to make myself stronger and better than my previous self. I am extremely thankful for this new found strength. The ability to take lessons from my mistakes and everyday experiences is something that I wasn't mindfully doing before. I feel better each and every day, and for that I am really grateful!

Today I also discovered, perhaps I always knew this, but a conversation with a friend brought this to attention. I am and have always been the kind of person who can laugh and smile even when my heart is breaking inside. Yes, I cry and I cry a lot when I have to, but for the most part once that's over I smile again and find some humor in every situation. And I realized that I love that about myself! I love being me because of this reason! And it's such a beautiful realization! It makes me want to just laugh at everything in life, well, maybe not everything but it really puts things into perspective, why should I waste my energy being sad when I have the ability to bring out the fun in any situation and be a happier person all the time!

Quote of the day explains it better than I can:

Until tomorrow! Stay strong! :)

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