Introductions and such.

9:00 AM

Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me from my beauty blog, and for many this may be the first time we are meeting. To those who do know me, you must be wondering what is she doing here and is she quitting her previous blog?!? 

No, I am not. I have decided for my beauty blog to remain solely for beauty product reviews, swatches and makeup looks, basically all the makeup madness. This brand spanking new space however, is where everything else happens. More casual, I suppose. Where I can just sit back, relax and talk about my day, share quotes, maybe even some DIYs, random stuff-whatever is remotely interesting in my life or just about anything else that I feel like I need to put out there. Of course, there has to be some focus on beauty as well, since I'm a little too obsessed with makeup for my own good. Be warned, there will be a lot of rambling, hahah, but we already may have established that fact about me.

Anyways, I can't wait to get started on here. You can go ahead and like the Facebook page for this site if you want to stay connected. Wish me luck!

Love, Ayesha!

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  1. Would love to read more and know more abt you .. btw u look sooo stunning in that pic <3 :)

  2. okay.. so the other one wasn't enough to make us crazy and yet you come up with one more amazing idea.. you look gorg :*


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