G-Log: Choosing Kindness.

2:23 PM

Hey there. I'm back, yes I am, with another day of the G-Log!

Today I am grateful for my cute little baby brother! Sounds a little strange but it's so good to have a kid around the house, I'm sure those of you who do will know what I mean. Also surprising is the amount wisdom children can throw at you! It's so unexpected but refreshing at the same time and todays lesson actually comes from the little man himself.

So I came downstairs to find my brother, little baby, watching TV. A strange, unheard of before, local channel cooking show, not his usual Masterchef obsession, with a lady who mispronounced every second word she spoke. It was a little entertaining actually but I was just like, what's he watching? For a while I didn't say anything, until the woman said "now we add the NUDE-les" (noodles, guys). I just had to ask WHY was he watching this show at all. His answer was just the sweetest. He explained that he just had to watch it, because he thought not many people would be watching her show because of how she couldn't communicate well. He said he felt bad and so he just had to, because SOMEONE had to. Just that thought really got me thinking about how we just dismiss something or someone that we feel isn't up to our standard. Hell, how do we even decide what our standard. But the point is, to be kind and accept openly even the things we don't neccessarily care for or approve of. The point is to choose to be kind. Todays reminder of it was something I definitely feel like we could all use a little bit more of. And so, todays lesson for me is to always remember to appreciate people and things around me and be kind.

Quote board for the day:

I will see you in my next post, Bye!

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